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ClearView Lids set the standard

In March 2016 ClearView Lids broke the mold by bringing custom, precision machined, virtually indestructable, polycarbonate aquarium lid frames to the community. 

In February 2018 we swept the industry again with the biggest WAVE it's ever seen with the introduction of the ClearView Tsunami Lid (PATENT PENDING) sporting an adaptable modular frame.

ClearView Classic Lids - The 'Original' Single Piece machined Lexan Aquarium Lid

ClearView Lids are BUILT TO LAST!! Lid frames are constructed with Lexan Plastic which is 200x's MORE impact resistant than glass.


This product is excellent. We had many fish deaths due to them jumping out.  We found Artfully Acrylic and ordered a lid for our Reefer 170. The lid is absolutely perfect and looks so nice on our tank. It doesn't block any light from filtering through to our corals. I would highly recommend this company as they do excellent work!

Josh Ellis

I bought the Red Sea Reefer 250 because of the clean lines and hated the thought of covering it...After losing 3 fish to my beautiful open tank I had to do something.

The artfully acrylic top looks great and doesn't impact the cleanliness of the tank at all.  This is the only choice in my opinion when it comes to covering our tanks!

Vincent Scarlata

I was looking for a top for my new tank that was not obtrusive - and found what I was looking for with the Red Sea Reefer XL 525 ClearView Lid. Not only does it fit my needs, but it fits the tank beautifully without detracting from the look.

I have raved about this product to everyone that I meet.  You all rock!

Anna Marie Dunn

Tsunami Peninsula 500

Great product! I ordered the Tsunami for Red Sea Peninsula 500 and it fits perfectly. I had 2 feed doors, and 5 cutouts for cables and lights and each was exactly as ordered.

Greg Gauthier

Absolutely perfect. Exactly what I needed for my tank. I lost many expensive fish to jumping. Wish I had known about this product years ago; better late than never. I give my highest recommendation to this product and the company that created it. Good job!!!

Theodore Aaronson