Which lid style is for me?? - ClearView Lids 101

ClearView Classic

The lid that put ClearView Lids on the map and started it all.  A solid framed, non-modular design.  Machined as a single piece frame directly out of a solid sheet of polycarbonate plastic.  Custom built to order and fully customizable to suit your needs.  For those that have an uncompromising desire for minimalist aesthetics; the Classic ClearView is still the ultimate 'go-to'.  

ClearView Tsunami

The first lid to feature our patent pending modular interlock design.  Tsunami is a solid framed lid constructed of interlocking sections.  Tsunami looks towards the future by allowing you to reconfigure sections of your lid as your needs change.  Tsunami can be reconfigured to support changes in your equipment needs (i.e. different light setup, adding extra feed doors).  Tsunami can even be reconfigured to fit a completely different tank!  As Tsunami uses an interlocking section design, it produces less waste during the production process; making Tsunami our most economical design choice.  Yet, with the integrated support tab system nestling your lid below the glass edge, Tsunami blends right in; evoking a subtle statement of protection over your aquarium.

ClearView Pisces EXO

Such a unique and ground breaking feat of fish safety tech that just calling it a 'lid' would be a great injustice.  The Pisces Exoskeleton is in a class all by itself.  The main frame utilizes our patent pending interlocks which were introduced with the Tsunami.  The interlock configuration is adapted in this design, however, to incorporate a vented frame.  The vented frame all but eliminates any chance of condensation collecting on the bottom of the frame, contributes to better air/gas exchange, and boasts a better than 50% reduction in frame weight compared to similar Classic or Tsunami lids.