Current Lid Production Times

ClearView Lids fabricates custom aquarium lids.  Each and every lid we make is programmed, machined, assembled, and packaged right here in the USA.  Most orders require some form of written spec verification via email prior to production. Please use a daily email when placing your order. There are 1000's of configurations possible with our product, we do not keep an inventory of ready to ship 'stock' lids.  As a result, our team works with an order and production queue.


have just changed. Each lid style has been reduced several times in 2022. We will continue to hone our production times and reduce them as we are able. 

Updated 5-1-22

Please be absolutely sure to order exactly what you need upfront and if you need to make changes, please request these as quickly as possible, as many lids are actually going out in a MUCH shorter timeframe and if your lid is already cut as ordered, we will be sending what you purchased. 

If you know you plan to make changes to your order, please wait to place your order.

 Please note that these figures are provided as an estimate of anticipated production times prior to shipping.

 Current Lid Production Times:

Tsunami Lids: 25 days, Custom, 30 days
Classic Lids: 30 days, Custom, 35 day
Pisces EXO Lids: 40 days, Custom 45 days
*Estimated Production Times for the EZ Lids, prior to shipping
EZ Tsunami- 20 days
EZ Classic- 20 days
EZ Pisces- 20 days
* For Custom Covers (EZ Blanks or Covers, or Custom Ordered Covers for other areas, such as small cutouts, large cutouts or sump covers) please allow an extra 10 days
**For  ANY Orders containing Insert Kits and/or Multiple Sections.
Please allow an additional 10 days!