Current Lid Production Time


We thank everyone who endured the nationwide plastics shortage and subsequent order delays due solely to Covid-19 along with us! We have now completed all lids orders affected by this delay. We at Clearview Lids hope you and yours are healthy and safe. 

Please note that these figures are provided as an *estimate only and are listed as completion, prior to shipping.

 Current Lid Production Times:

Tsunami Lids: 49 days, Custom, 59 days
Classic Lids: 59 days, Custom, 69 day
Pisces EXO Lids: 77 days, Custom 88 days
*For Custom Lids (unlisted brands/models) additionally ANY Orders containing Insert Kits and additional sections.
Please allow an additional 10-20 days!
*Estimated Production Times for the EZ Lids, prior to shipping
EZ Tsunami- 40 days
EZ Classic- 50 days
EZ Pisces- 60 days