Lid Maintenance

Lid Maintenance


We caution against using your braces for lifting your lid. This will cause bowing in your lid over time and will likely result in fissures in the braces that will lead to breaks.


It is highly recommended that you fully remove your lid for tank and lid maintenance. Lifting the lid at an angle will cause undue pressure on the rear of the lid. On lids such as the Max S series, where the lid is held in place by special clips, it is even more important not to put unnecessary strain on the rear of the lid by lifting it only at an angle to clean or enter the tank.


Routine lid maintenance is highly recommended. While we do produce a very strong product, meant to last, we are a plastics manufacturer. As with any product made from plastic, if not properly maintained, you will experience the degradation that occurs when left to certain elements. We recommend maintenance between once a week to once a month at the very most.

Water and salt can be harsh elements when introduced to any hard object. When you add time, functionality and light, this can become a strain on the product.

Salt is a crystal. When water containing salt evaporates up to the lid frame, the salt will dry and recrystallize. When this occurs inside the modular joints of the lid, the crystals will push the joints apart. Please follow further instructions found below to avoid this process occurring.

To avoid issues, please follow the advisement below:

  1. Do not use chemicals or rough material to clean the frame of your lid.
  2. Try to use care when removing you lid for maintenance that it is not set in a place that would allow pets or children to step on it. Also, take care to rest the lid gently as the tabbing system will usually bear the weight of the lid while it is resting off your tank.
  3. Clean regularly. This involves periodically rinsing in warm, salt free water and drying with a clean microfiber cloth. (absolutely essential with modular lid frames!!)
  4. Always remove salt creep and condensation. A clean microfiber cloth is recommended.
  5. If you own a modular lid, (Tsunami or Pisces EXO) salt creep can get into the modular joints if the lid is not rinsed in warm water on occasion and dried with a clean microfiber cloth.
  6. Turn your lights off whenever they are not needed. Our mesh is UV protected, but as with all plastic, could possibly grow brittle over time if lights are set up too close to the lid or used without ever shutting off.
  7. Failure to maintain your lid, causing degradation to the product will void your warranty.
  8. If you deliberately deface or otherwise compromise the integrity of your lid, this will void your warranty.

We thank you for taking care of the lid that keeps your finned friends safe!