Our Story

   My name is Adam Bowers and I wanted to share a little history of how ArtFully Acrylic and Clearview Lids came into being. Like most people, I had a normal full time job. I worked in service to our government.
I have always had a deep love of coral reef, the beauty and serenity of home aquariums.

   The business I own and operate now started in my garage as a hobby manufacturing aquariums. In November of 2011 so many friends and then friends of friends were asking for custom built tanks that ArtFully Acrylic was born. Within a year I was forced to move my hobby to a larger venue to accommodate the machining and production space needed to fill all of the orders that I was receiving!

   By November of the next year, I was able to fulfill a lifelong dream of opening that space further to accommodate a store featuring the aquariums I built and all of the coral reef and fish to occupy them. I was successful enough that I was faced with a choice. Would I continue to follow my heart or continue my full time job? In May of 2013 I chose my dream and never looked back.

   Over time I realized that running a retail store was a distant second to how much I loved producing a quality product and it was then that I realized a hole in the aquarium market existed where it came to well made lids. I designed the Clearview Classic lid and began manufacturing them for a single tank design I had at the time. Customers loved these lids so much that I had to adjust the design, offer customizable options and began making them for most of the leading aquariums. Eventually I phased out the store and even building the tanks. I loved making a product that was so useful to others. The lid orders soon dominated my time.

  ArtFully Acrylic and Clearview Lids was born.

  Over time, I realized something else was needed in the way of lids. Customers began coming back, seeking lids they could customize at home as their tank needs changed, so in I invented the Tsunami Lid. I put this patent pending lid to market in April of 2018. All of our designing, production and shipping happen in house. We are built on hard work and ingenuity. This small American business is currently servicing a worldwide customer base and has, to date, manufactured and sold better than 2000 lids since 2016.

   I thank you all for your business and the affording me the ability to do something I love each day. I look forward to continuing to serve your needs personally.