How can I reach customer service?

You can reach us in a number of ways. 

-We are available by messenger on Facebook, Artfully Acrylic and Clearview Lids. These messages are checked periodically during listed business hours only. 8 am - 5 pm EST Monday-Friday

-You can reach us from our homepage at on the top menu, Contact Us. There will be a request form and once sent, it goes directly into our email. You can expect a prompt reply during posted business hours and the email is monitored throughout the weekend, periodically. 

-You can email us directly at You can expect a prompt reply during posted business hours and the email is monitored throughout the weekend, periodically.

-We do check reef forums as often as possible, but that is the least effective way to get a quick response. We love the forums as much as anyone, but producing for this hobby leaves us very little time to explore the forums the way we once did. Reef2Reef is the most often checked. Please see us on our site or email for any information, questions or issues.

We endeavor to answer all emails within a 24 hour time frame, regardless of business hours.

How often can I expect communication once I have placed my order?

-Once you place an order you will receive an order confirmation with your order number and link to all lead times (lead times are listed on each product page and on the Home Menu under Current Lid Production Times). If, for any reason, you do NOT receive an order confirmation, please reach out via email to

-Your order will be reviewed within 7-12 business days. During this time, if we have any questions or concerns about your order, we will email you.

-When your order comes up for final programming, if the engineering team has any questions, they will reach out to you before finalizing your order.

-You will receive a shipping notification with tracking information via email, once the lid is leaving our shop.

Why do I not receive regular updates on my order?

We are a small business and have determined that our time is better spent fulfilling orders rather than sending our updates on your order status. However, we welcome you to inquire as to your place in the queue, order dates or any other questions you may have, at any time, via email.

How can I can an update on my order?

Please, feel free to email us to ask for an update at any time!

What information can I expect to receive about my order upon inquiry?

You will be answered with your current order date and the estimated lead times, along with a status accounting for where we are in relation to lead times. i.e. ahead of schedule, on schedule, running at the end of lead times. 

Do you ever have delays and how are they handled?

Should we incur any delays, as they do occasionally occur in small businesses where all parties involved wear many hats, we WILL email all customers who have lid orders that we anticipate may be affected. We will always maintain the most available transparency with any information we have that can affect your order or lead time.

General Notes to You

Please know that lead times are generated based on rate of orders. These numbers are not likely to be different at any time during the year. As our business grows, we do hope to expand and lessen lead times. As this occurs, the lead times listed on the site will change.

Please do not order livestock prior to receiving your lid! We are fish lovers, too and it never stops being sad when we hear that you have lost fish due to an early purchase of livestock in anticipation of your new lid! We will not be able to expedite your order due to lost fish.

If you see an incredible deal or simply cannot wait, please purchase some loose mesh and clips from your preferred retailer to keep your livestock safe until your lid arrives.

**We hope to start stocking these items for purchase under a new page which will be called “Accessories”, by the end of the year.