Red Sea ClearView Aquarium Lids

ClearView Lids for Red Sea Aquariums. Please be sure to select the correct lid model version for your tank.

8/17/23--Please note your FULL tank model name, in the Order Notes box, as the Reefer and Reefer MAX tanks are brand new, and we will need to know which tank you own.

We do not have access to the Red Sea serial numbers. Please use this Red Sea support link to look up your tank. We will make the lid you order, for the tank version you order. We will not be responsible for incorrect orders.

If your lid page is labeled V3/G2/G2+, please note which model you have in the order notes and include all internal dims for the G2+ and/or MAX Reefer models.

 The Red Sea tanks, starting with the 350 and up will not include an overflow cutout.

Please email us at with any questions.