Which One? - Tsunami? Classic?...Or the ALL NEW Pisces EXO?!

ClearView Lids is happy to announce that our family of lid products is growing!!!
The newest addition to the ClearView family, is
The Pisces EXO 
The Pisces EXO made its first public appearance and debut straight from the Reefbuilders Studio in Colorado. 
Thank you!! 
A pre-order cap for the June 15th production has been reached. All pre-orders taken after 5/10/19 will be for the June 30th production schedule.
Check out their video HERE for a good look at our newest family member!!!
 **Note, a few corrections to the video - ALL ClearView products are made with Polycarbonate, not Acrylic.  The lid featured in the video is the new Pisces EXO
and is not our current Tsunami. Reefbuilders was so excited about these newest lids that they posted their video without knowing we had not yet updated our site to allow for order, or our ordering system to allow for them to have a place to go, once ordered. We hope you will be this excited about our newest product, as well!
The Pisces EXO is currently only available through Pre-Order. Pre-orders are being taken now. Email and request your order form or quote now!! These orders should be placed via email. We hope to start writing invoices for them by next week. Options and add ons will stay the same price as currently advertised via our Options/Add ons tab. 
We thank you greatly for your patience as we update our system to accommodate these orders.
Production on the currently ordered Pisces EXO lids will not start until May 1st, 2019, with a projected lead time of 4-6 weeks after that date.

 Here are a few pictures of the new lids on the tanks in the ReefBuilders studio.

Pre-orders placed after April 25th will not go into production until June 15th.

This lead time should reduce as we recover from the initial order surge and have all CAD files fully vetted.  Pre-Order Inquiries should be directed to us at orders@artfullyacrylic.com.

 Here are a few pictures of the new lids on the tanks in the ReefBuilders studio.

More pictures can be seen in our Media Gallery Tab


The Clearview Tsunami and Clearview Classic lids are produced utilizing the same care, quality and top of the line material. All of our lids are built with UV Resistant Lexan; a transparent plastic that is 200x's more impact resistant than glass. Both lids offer very similar ‘in production’ customized add-ons and cut outs. Both lid types go straight from the box to the top of your tank.

Pisces EXO lids are better than just an evolved Tsunami, the frame is wider, so, offering better physics there, the interlocking joints are a completely different design and placement resulting in even less wear and tear, adding to lid longevity, and as with the Tsunami, the sections can be replaced for future configurations. The tabbing system has been upgraded and placed differently, multiple cord slots have been added to the stock configuration, it looks amazing, and the venting of the frame itself allows for better gas flow. The lid also weighs about 50% less while actually being as strong as the solid Classic and Tsunami frames.   

----see above for pre-ordering and lead times.

Tsunami lids offer several benefits utilizing a forward thinking design. Tsunami frames are designed using our patent pending Tsunami Interlock System to provide a lid that will not come apart during normal handling and use, yet retain the ability to be reconfigurable in the future as your needs change. As a more environmentally friendly process, the Tsunami drastically reduces waste by using less material during production. This process provides faster production and shipping times as well as allowing us to pass the savings on to our valued customer: You.

All Tsunami orders will now be shipped out fully assembled and screened, ready to install on your tank and enjoy.

----Tsunami lids ship in 3+ weeks.

Classic lids are a one piece, solid design, featuring a cleaner aesthetic, as it does not have interlocking pieces. It is cut specifically to fit your aquarium and accessories. It comes to you with no future reconfigurable design option.

----Classic lids ship in 6+ weeks. Shipping times may be delayed during sales and holidays.

Custom lids, both Classic or Tsunami, may take 1-2 weeks in addition to the above stated shipping times.

*Pictures included in product listing may show add-on's or upgrades and are not included in base prices.

**Lids without any add-on's or upgrades will be shipped in a 'stock' configuration which will not include any cutouts for cords, light mounts, overflow boxes 1/4"+ below glass edge, auto feeders, etc. Applicable to both Tsunami and Classic lids.