Red Sea ClearView Aquarium Lids

ClearView Lids for Red Sea Aquariums. Please be sure to select the correct lid for your tank.

Note there are 2019 and earlier model product pages in addition to the V3 and G2 product pages. We are currently working to add G2 pages for each tank in need of them. We thank you for your patience while we finish this process.

If your tank is listed in this collection and only has the option of the Old Model tank or the V3, please see the product description on that page and the information directly below for ordering instructions.

For ALL G2 tanks, please submit the internal tank L x D for all G2 tanks in the Order Notes, prior to checkout, to include the overflow L x D.

The G2 tanks with overflows measuring 15.5" long will not receive a cutout.

If you do not note the correct model (V3 or G2), you will receive the lid for the product named on that page. Please enter this information in the Order Notes, prior to checkout, along with the internal L x D and overflow L x D.

Please email us at with any questions.