ELOS MINI ClearView Lid


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Once you have completed your order and clicked Add To Cart, please find the Order Notes box and enter the internal tank dimensions and the L x D of the overflow in your tank.
ClearView Lids was founded to create sleek, aesthetically pleasing, durable, alternative lid solutions for keeping your finned friends safely in your aquarium. With 3 lid styles to choose from and a wide variety of available customization options, we're certain to have the right solution to fit the individual needs, tastes, and budget of hobbyists everywhere.
Choose your lid style above, then click the Customize My Lid button to start configuring your very own ClearView Lid!!!
*Lids without any added customization will be shipped in a 'stock' configuration.  Stock configuration does not include feed doors, cutouts for cords, light mounts, overflow boxes, auto feeder's etc.  The only exceptions that include a cutout for a factory overflow on the stock configuration are Red Sea Reefer's, Waterbox Aquariums with factory overflow box, ELOS aquariums, and select other tanks on our product pages with known factory overflows which don't sit at least 1/4" below the top of the tanks glass edge. 
All lids are a polycarbonate lid frame with a mesh center, unless ordered via email as a solid lid.*
Shipping charges paid at checkout cover ONLY the cost of shipping and do not apply to or cover duty or customs fees for purchases made outside the USA.
  • The Classic Lid - The lid that put ClearView Lids on the map and started it all.  A solid framed, non-modular design.  Machined as a single piece frame directly out of a solid sheet of polycarbonate plastic.  Custom built to order and fully customizable to suit your needs.  For those that have an uncompromising desire for minimalist aesthetics; the Classic ClearView is still the ultimate 'go-to'.  
  • The Tsunami lid - The first lid to feature our patent pending modular interlock design.  Tsunami is a solid framed lid constructed of interlocking sections.  Tsunami looks towards the future by allowing you to reconfigure sections of your lid as your needs change.  Tsunami can be reconfigured to support changes in your equipment needs (i.e. different light setup, adding extra feed doors).  As Tsunami uses an interlocking section design, it produces less waste during the production process; making Tsunami our most economical design choice.  Yet, with the integrated support tab system nestling your lid below the glass edge, Tsunami blends right in; evoking a subtle statement of protection over your aquarium. 
  • The Tsunami lid cannot be configured to fit a larger tank than your original order.
  • *All cutouts ordered must be at least 3.26" from any corner. 
  • The Pisces EXO - Such a unique and ground breaking feat of fish safety tech that just calling it a 'lid' would be a great injustice.  The Pisces Exoskeleton is in a class all by itself.  The main frame utilizes our patent pending interlocks which were introduced with the Tsunami. The interlock configuration is adapted in this design, however, to incorporate a vented frame.  The vented frame all but eliminates any chance of condensation collecting on the bottom of the frame, contributes to better air/gas exchange, and boasts a better than 50% reduction in frame weight compared to similar Classic or Tsunami lids.
  • The Pisces EXO cannot be configured to fit a larger tank than your original order.
  • *All cutouts ordered must be 5" from any corner. Cord slots may be placed directly in the corners.
  •  Solid Insert Kits are available for the Pisces EXO.  These removable inserts allow you the ability to control evaporation and maintain better air/gas exchange at the same time.  Inserts are also a great solution for those with over curious feline friends!
    • Inserts kits are currently only available by email request and separate invoicing after order has been placed.
    • Insert kits cover ONLY the center mesh of the Pisces EXO, not the vented frame.
    • All Pisces Lids for tanks 4 feet and over will include one removable center brace.

There are also many great features that are shared by all ClearView Lid styles.  Some of them include:

  • All lids are designed to rest inside the rim of your tank, to give you that signature ClearView appearance, while still providing the peace of mind that comes with knowing your finned friends are safe.
  • All lids, and lid accessories, are made with Lexan, a clear polycarbonate plastic which is also commonly used in manufacturing bullet resistant glass, riot shields, and jet windshields.  Its extremely durable.  We do not use acrylic in any of our lid products.  Acrylic will bow and warp when used for this application.
  • Every lid is customizable to accommodate feed doors, light mounts, overflows and auto feeding systems.  However, only Tsunami and Pisces EXO can be customized in the future to accommodate changes in configuration.
  • Our lids are screened with a UV protected 1/4” plastic mesh, which is secured with spline under the frame to continue that sleek look and also to allow for ease of replacing the screen if needed in the future.
  • All lids are custom programmed, cut, screened, and shipped from our facility here in the USA.  No outsourcing....from initial contact all the way to boxing and labeling your very own ClearView Lid.
  • Each lid ordered is made for the individual who has ordered it, to suit the needs of their tank and preferred set up.
  • Custom lids are available for all tanks, including those not listed on our product pages.  We however do not offer lids for corner bow front tanks, hex tanks, or tanks with rounded corners that are not already in our library. 
  • All Custom Lids will be programmed with an offset for fitment.

  *Solid lids are only available upon emailed request, direct invoicing and only available on small tanks.


 Here are a few pictures of our new Pisces EXO lids on the tanks in the ReefBuilders studio.


More pictures can be seen in our Media Gallery Tab

 *Pictures may show add-on's or upgrades that are not part of the stock configuration or base pricing.

ClearView Lids fabricates custom aquarium lids.  Each and every lid we make is programmed, machined, assembled, and packaged right here in the USA.  Most orders require some form of written spec verification via email prior to production. Please use a daily email when placing your order. There are 1000's of configurations possible with our product, we do not keep an inventory of ready to ship 'stock' lids.  As a result, our team works with an order and production queue.


Please be absolutely sure to order exactly what you need upfront and if you need to make changes, please request these as quickly as possible, as many lids can go out in a MUCH shorter timeframe, if all needed information is provided in a timely manner and if your lid is already cut as ordered, we will be sending what you purchased. 

If you know you plan to make changes to your order, please wait to place your order.

 Please note that these figures are provided as an estimate of anticipated production times, prior to shipping. All estimated completion dates that fall on a weekend are dated for the following Monday. Order dates are the start date. Any order that is due over a Nationally recognized holiday, will be marked as due the next business day after said holiday.

All international orders and Custom Lid orders (these are orders placed from our Custom Lids page ONLY) will receive a CAD file email for approval prior to cutting your lid. These must be answered/gain a reply of approval before we can continue. Please check email for these, they will be sent closer to your estimated completion date. International lid orders will be approximately 5 days longer due to this need.

 Current Lid Production Times:

Tsunami Lids: 25 days, Custom, 30 days
Classic Lids: 30 days, Custom, 35 day
Pisces EXO Lids: 40 days, Custom 45 days
*Estimated Production Times for the EZ Lids, prior to shipping
EZ Tsunami- 25 days
EZ Classic- 25 days
EZ Pisces- 25 days
* For Custom Covers (EZ Blanks or Covers, or Custom Ordered Covers for other areas, such as small cutouts, large cutouts or sump covers) please allow an extra 10 days
**For  ANY Orders containing Insert Kits and/or Multiple Sections.
Please allow an additional 10 days!
Please note that if you place an order that is incorrect, and must be changed significantly, the date that payment is received for the changes, or the date the changes were made complete by you, the customer, will be the start date of your order.
Updated 6/28/2023


All cancellation requests must be made via email to orders@artfullyacrylic.com.

Shipping charges paid at checkout cover ONLY shipping and do not cover duty or customs for orders purchased outside the USA.

  • Cancellation requests for unfulfilled orders of any kind, made within 48 hours of the initial order date, will be refunded in full. Refunds will be issued to the original payment method used.
  • Cancellation requests for unfulfilled orders of listed/ (named) lids, made under 5 days of the initial order date, will be refunded, minus a 3% processing fee. Refunds will be issued to the original payment method used.
    • Orders for Custom Lids, or those containing customizations, will be assessed a cancellation fee of 15%-20%.  Cancellation fee is determined based on the cumulative time spent by ClearView staff in curating the specs needed to process the order and/or fielding inquiries regarding the order.  Refunds will be issued to the original payment method used minus the cancellation fee.
  • Cancellation requests for unfulfilled orders of any kind, made 5 days from the initial order date will be assessed a cancellation fee of 15%-25% based on the cumulative time spent by ClearView staff in curating the specs needed to process the order and/or fielding inquiries regarding the order.  Refunds will be issued to the original payment method used minus the cancellation fee.
    • If the order has accrued programming or proofing time with the engineering team in preparation for cutting it will be assessed a cancellation fee of 30% to cover time spent in the processing of the order.   Refunds will be issued to the original payment method used minus the cancellation fee.
  • Cancellation requests for unfulfilled orders of any kind, made 7 days or more from the initial order date will be assessed a cancellation fee of 35%-75% based on the cumulative time spent by ClearView staff in curating the specs needed to process the order, programming or proofing, and/or fielding inquiries regarding the order.  The balance will be provided as a store credit; valid towards a future order. Store credits are valid for ONE (1) Year from the date of issuance. 
  • If you receive your lid and deliberately deface or otherwise compromise the integrity of your lid, you will have voided the warranty. Any repairs needed, if possible, to repair what you may have changed will be your fiscal responsibility.
  • Our one year warranty extends only to what we review and deem an issue that we could have prevented and starts on the ship date of your lid. This will not cover gross neglect of your lid. *Please see our Lid Maintenance page.
  • Refund/return requests on delivered products will be met with solutions to an issue. Each item is customized to one person's needs, we do not offer returns/refunds on completed, delivered products. We will go to all lengths to correct any issue, be it ours or not.

ANY LID FITMENT OR OTHER ISSUES AFTER RECEIPT OF LID MUST BE REPORTED WITHIN 30 DAYS OF DELIVERY. IF THE ERROR IS OURS, WE WILL FIX THE ISSUE FREE OF CHARGE, IF REPORTED WITHIN 30 DAYS OF DELIVERY. We will need to ask pertinent questions to obtain a strategy for resolution, and as such, ask kindly for your patience and cooperation.



*We endeavor to work with all change orders as needed, however; we will occasionally be asked to change an order as it is being cut. If this occurs we will not remake your lid. It will be produced in the manner in which it was ordered. Cut cycle occurs at the very end of programming and just before shipping. Please request any change orders as early as possible in your processing time.